We are starting a new project: creating a community connected for the purpose of sharing resources and transforming insights into good design for children with special needs.

By connecting designers with the special needs community and with respect to this moment in time we aim to use methods never used before to create environments and objects that transform everyday experiences of children with special needs in a positive, simple, sustainable, economical way.

If you are interested in joining please contact us hello@0-to-1.com

To start the conversation we are showing Super Special Living at

fat cat FAB LAB

224 W 4th Street, 2nd floor

New York NY 10014

May 15-18, 2015

hours: 1pm - 6pm

reception: Saturday, May 16, 3 - 5pm

rsvp: studio@0-to-1.com

Design by: 0 to 1 + Colleen & Eric Whiteley, Kasra Sadeghian, Jim Domalewski, Solomon Siegel and ras+e

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0 to 1 explores the relationship of humans and built surroundings
we design products, environments and buildings
we believe in socially and environmentally responsible design that improves quality of life
our vision is a sustainable and accessible future