Soft Floor (Cottonwood Style)

We have been working on a floor cover that supports inclusion in a school setting. It is designed for all children to enjoy while providing cushioning for children with mobility and balance difficulties. It is:


– soft (to provide cushioning from falls, but not interfere with mobility devices and walking)
– smooth (as not to trigger sensory reactions)
– natural / eco / green
– waterproof
– easy to clean
– economical


Children (some with special needs) ages 5-7 made this floor cover for their classroom with great delight! They worked as a team while learning about geometry and color theory.


This design references “floorcloths” or “oylcloths”, hand painted canvas floor covers thought to have originated in France in the 15th century. They were made by applying multiple layers of primer, paint and sealer on canvas and were often detailed and ornate in their deign. By the 18th century floorcloths gained popularity in America and are still made by artists today.


Design by 0 to 1

Thank you Cottonwood ALC school for supporting inclusion and making this project possible!