Super Special

10 problems 10 solutions project is created for the purpose of facilitating inclusion by transforming the built environment DIY with and for children with special needs.


We will collect and post 10 problems special needs parents are faced with that relate to the built environment. We will also collect and post solutions designers propose that solve the 10 problems in a DIY, economical, sustainable way. 


This project is an opportunity to identify objects and areas that need change, and as a community support each other in implementing change. By making relevant changes, one by one, we become makers of our own solutions.


This project is open to all interested in forwarding inclusion through design.
Connect, share, transform!

Floor problem

Needed: soft (but not too soft), smooth, waterproof, economical, odor free, sustainable and easy to clean floor cover.

Floor solution

Children of mixed abilities ages 5-7 made this soft floor cover for their classroom with great delight!


– #4 (24oz) “duck” cotton canvas
– 7/16” thick foam floor padding
– carpet adhesive
– primer
– paint
– clear sealer (Eco-Tuff High Traffic Clearcoat by Ecoprocote works well)


– utility knife
– 3/8” trowel
– 4” putty knife
– straight edge
– paint roller


Step 1. Determine canvas size. Allow 3 inches on each side for trimming.
Step 2. Determine padding size. Padding size = canvas size + 1 inch on each side.
Step 3. Prime both sides of canvas. Allow each side 2-3 days to dry.
Step 4. Paint top side of canvas. Allow 2 hours to dry. Apply 2nd coat. Allow 3 days to dry.
Step 5. Apply clear sealer to top side of canvas. Allow 1 day to dry.
Step 6. Trowel spread adhesive onto padding and glue down canvas. Allow 1 day to dry.
Step 7. Trim canvas and padding to final size.


Floor Diagram


$4.50 SF (approximately)


Drying time depends on geographic region, time of year and conditions of the day. Reading paint instructions, working patiently, observing closely, and using common sense is useful.